The 8th Government Technology Summit - Middle East

The only exclusive, by-invitation only, event for the IT decision makers of the Government, Public Services and Utilities sector in the Middle East.

  • Focused on eGovernment & Government Technology

  • Exclusive  for the IT decision makers, by invitation only for pre-verified delegates

  • Personalised, to enable 1 to 1 interaction   

  • Prestigious to suit the high profile participants        

   Government 3.0

The UN 2014 Survey entitled “E-Government for the Future We Want” examining the global trends and emerging issues in e-government development. argues that Governments across the globe need to undertake a process of transformative change for the future we want. This, in turn, requires a transformation of government’s role, functions, institutional frameworks and processes supported by the adoption of innovation and ICT. More than ever, mobile services, crowd sourcing, cloud computing, e-service kiosks and other innovations of this sort must be nurtured and supported and made available to all segments of society. The steady diffusion of information and communication technologies and the bridging of the digital divide can help empower all stakeholders to translate commitments into action. Today, powerful new technologies can be used to advance sustainable development for all people across the world while including them in the process. In particular, e-government can be an engine of development for the people. In delivering e-government for the people, public services are designed to be responsive, citizen-centric and socially inclusive.


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